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Odysea – Pomegranate Molasses (250ml)


Pomegranate molasses is a thick ruby-coloured syrup, popular to Middle- Eastern cuisine, with a balanced sweet and sharp, fruity-tart kick that adds complexity when used in marinades, dressings and a whole host of dishes.

Odysea pomegranate molasses is made purely with the slow reduction of  pomegranate juice and contains 100% natural occurring sugars, with no additives.

Whisk into marinades or dressings, brush over meat or poultry as a glaze, drizzle over roast vegetables, fruit or yoghurt. Try mixing it with oil instead of lemon juice as a dressing. Get creative with cocktails: use it as  cordial or try mixing just a few drops with Cremant de Bourgogne Blanc de Blancs.

6 in stock

6 in stock