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Fish4Ever – Skipjack Tuna Steaks in Organic Olive Oil (160g)


Azores Quality 100% pole and line fished Skipjack Tuna steaks in organic first cold pressed olive oil. Landed fresh and fished locally, this is tuna you can trust. Fish4Ever is ranked top of the world by Greenpeace with an 89% pass rate and top of the UK by Ethical Consumer, the most independent ethical auditors in the country! Quality and traceability guaranteed.

Fish4Ever bring Organic Values to sustainability in fish. Their careful sourcing approach and artisan production values guarantee great quality and completely clean ingredients. Canned fish is an often forgotten superfood with incredible nutritional benefits. Use it in salads, with pasta, cous cous or rice, or with chunky bread for quick, convenient and deliciously healthy meals.

15 in stock

15 in stock